helvetica neue and css

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hi all,

i'm trying to target mac web users with helvetica neue, and pc users with arial in a new web property i'm building.

however, i'm having trouble calling out helvetica neue's extended family members like light or ultralight. the only way i can mess with the glyph weight is via css' generic tags, which only modify helvetica neue regular.

can anyone verify that targeting fonts in extended families like this is possible via html/css? and if so, how?


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You need to call the font by it‘s full name, enclosed in " "

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Also note that, being Helvetica Neue not hinted for screen, if someone with a PC happens to have it on her/his Windows PC, it will look less than good (crappy, actually).
For specifying font weights via CSS, you can find interesting the following:

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If you're going down the Neo Grotesque path, maybe these are helpful. The full article isn't finished quite yet – grey squares mark missing samples. (And there's also additional samples with different sizes.)

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awesome, frode and riccardo, thank you so much for your help.

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