Who knows that Typography?

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I'm working in 3D VFX and I need to know that Typography before tonight, can somebody say me please if you know?

Thank you

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I don't understand the question. You need to know "that Typography"? Are you trying to figure out how to use type within 3D VFX?

I don't know 3D VFX, I was just trying to help you with your question.

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Admins, if you exist, delete this post.

Joe Clark

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pitomoro needs to know "that typeface." In Spanish (pitomoro lives in Spain), the word "tipografía" is used to designate both the discipline of typography and the entities we English-speakers call typefaces; hence, pitomoro is trying to identify a typeface.

Pitomoro, can you post an image of the font or typeface you want to identify?

In Spanish: Pitomoro, ¿puedes subir una imagen de la tipografía que quieres identificar?

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delete joe clark.


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