Something to match URW Antiqua?

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Hi - I'm a freelance web designer/developer, with a fairly modest knowledge of typography.

I was just wondering if you have any ideas of a typeface that would work well with URW Antiqua (specifically Alternative T Super)?

Luckily I think Georgia works well with it in various forms, esp. for body text (I could be wrong?), but I'm looking for something a little less common, and with similar character to Antiqua, to use for the headings and other more prominent areas of text on a new website.

You can see the logo with Georgia here:

Thanks! I appreciate your help/expertise!

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If you're looking for fonts to use online, you might want to try Baskerville with Baskerville Old Face as a back up. The first come bundled with OSX, the second with MS Office 03 and 07 on a Windows PC, and MS Office 04 on a mac. (Add Georgia to be safe.)

If you're not looking for something web specific: perhaps Ingeborg or Scotch Modern. I'd say the latter is more dramatic.

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Thanks frode frank. I'l check these out.

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Take a look at these as well. The article is not finished yet, hence the missing samples. There's also additional samples at different sizes.

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