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hello everybody,

I have a friend who is psychiatrist/pedo-psychiatrist and who ask me for a logo. He ask me two thing; he'd like to have the "Psy" Ѱ greek letter inside the logo and/or to have a notion of evolution/getting better. Right now i didn't have found the solution - if any - with the two requirements. The initials of his familyname and forename are "mm"
So I have two projects, i tried to be very sober and minimalistic, the logo usage for his needs will be almost always in black:

So, any thoughs on this that might help?

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or this ? is it understandable or only for me ?

or these...

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Just a thought: you could explore the shape of the Ψ as a tree, thus something that grow/evolve.
Also, I would try something with serifs.

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thanks for your comment, that drives me this way

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I like the right one leaves better. As for the Ms, I would try something in which the two elements of the single letter are of different heights (like your second example), so to create a relationship with the "branches" of the Ψ. It could be either mirrored (descending from the trunk) or parallel (ascending) or asymmetric.
Also, have you tried something with capitals?

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Thanks, yes i have somes trials with capitals

here are my drafts

do you like one better? (The first one make me think of a flower pot)

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The first one make me think of a flower pot
:-D indeed!

But if you try to invert the implied shape in order to make it resemble more a tree trunk (larger at the base, narrower at the top) it could work.

The ones I like better are the last two, even though the second to last still needs some work.

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i think that Capitals - and that's the reason i didn't post it before - are too much up and down, wich might be an good example of somes psychic illness, but for a psychiatrist i think it's too unstable, not comforting. Personally the project i like most is the second of 25th july post (because of the regularity and the simmetry and it's the most stable) and the 4th one of the last post (with the progressive mm). i am reworking the proportion of the 'mm' to make it smaller.

I have a color version if needed (that's RGB for now but could be easily converted to a 2 colors for print)

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I don't know how you can have two m's without bringing the candy to mind. Have you tried something with just one m - maybe one m could shadow the other.


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Hi Lefty,

Not to ramble your process and not related to your design, but the letter PSI stands more for parapsychology. Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psi.

Maybe not the kind of thing your client actually wants...?

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What if you just took the psi symbol and inverted it? It would accomplish both things you're trying to do in a simpler, more elegant way. None of these sketches so far is working at all for me.


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To be honest, I would drop the whole idea of including the initials and the psi in the same logo. Pick one or the other, and go in that direction. Maybe ask them what's more important?

To be honest, I think the psi will be pretty much lost on anyone outside of other professionals, especially if it's distorted.

Maybe focus on the "growth" part for a bit, and not the psi or m per se?

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Personally, I like these last ones!

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okay, m&m's and ante-psy, well i'm going the right way it seems :D

When he show me what was his first logo (just a psy symbol in a circle) the 'm' in it was the first thing i saw, and my first drafts.
But i was kinda, unsatisfied with inverting the symbol, maybe inverted it has another meaning (ie inverted christian cross mean ante-christ), so since he's in hollydays and i won't ask him until he comes back, i tried other ways.

@marco: nope, i don't think he want that, i'll talk with him about that. I know - with the help of comptetent people - he use hypnosis for heavy traumatised people case, i don't know if it's considered as parapsy ?

i tried with a sort of flower/propeller thingy, does it insprire growth or hope (or at least a positive image????) to you ? (it's not the real name, but take same space)

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I like your second option better, the one on the right actually. I think it is very interesting as a logo. All the others look a bit too complicated for me. The flower looks nice, but it could work for a hundred other clients.

Good research anyway.



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I think the flower, altho' pretty - is to generic, as Bolivar states. Experiment further with the M-s, psy-symbol and the tree metaphor. It has great potential.

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Since it's for a person and not a brand I think the name should be spelled out and capitalized just like you did in the last example. Even including "Psychiatrist.Pedosychiatrist" is a very good choice. As far as the symbol goes, the Psi glyph sounds like a great idea and the client wants it. Only problem with Psi is that in a Greek speaking community it will be looked at as a letter not as a symbol that might be confusing cause the guy's initials are Ms. So if you're not in Greece it shouldn't be a problem.

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Hello everybody,

sorry for taking so long before aswering your post, i was having a formation about developping apps, wich almost melted my mind.
i agree on the fact that the yellow flower have no real personality.
i have tried couple upgrade on the tree logo

@johnnydib: yes, i'll do that when i will present the finals projects to my friend.

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Rightmost one.

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without the leaves


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An aside: I see too people sitting on a bench under a bush. :)

I think the sans is stronger, but without the detail in the leaves. Maybe?

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Much thanks for your comments. Of course the final version of the logo will have full name and specialisations, like the flower logo,
but right now i'm focusing on the symbol.
on the previous version i've tried a dark grey for the sans symbol, i've tried a grey lighter here because it was not visible.

Do you think i should make a sans lighter in weight (for thoses who like the sans better)? Personnaly i like the sans better because it looks the most stable, the most solid, and people who are in distress are in need for that, something that they can grab on.
But on the other side it's also a very subltle work so maybe a serif like - i serioulsy need to improve my technical english on design because i have no idea how to express the subtilities of a serif font.:-/

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The top right one is very intriguing. The rest just looks like a reflected m; doesn't do much for me.

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I'll second the top right one as well. The rest are sort of haphazard looking.

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Top right looks quite neat. Like the slices through the shoulder connection of the m. Maybe try adding a left serif on the middle stem, feels like there's a slight lopsided-ness to the right.

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Top right and top middle is interesting. However, the top right does cause me to think about the Bank of America logo... :T Just me? But playing with the figure-ground-reversal is the best way to go. Can you impliment the leaves, but just less of them? Perhaps show growth in only three stages?

best regards,

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hi everybody, thanks for your comments.

@samwiek: your right Sam, i had it corrected to show my friend (or the client) but forget to update it here.

@thepiaypus: one thing i can see in this logo is some sort of eagle, looking to the right. For the reference of Bank of America, i google it but can't find nothing that look like this logo :? The more i look a the leaves logo thing, the more i find it too heavy and not subtle enough.

The client loved a lot the flower/propeller logo too and the double mm where he see an aqueduct. i tell him my point of vue (simplicity is best) and my preference (the top right logo), now he's looking with colleague of him to have opinions. but i had to calm him down because first he wanted the double m mixed with the flower/properler logo :D
i'have already worked on some typo, but since i don't know his choice, it may be too early to post them, i don't want to use your time for nothing.

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