Coming soon: Crisis, the type facing the time

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Crisis was designed and generated completely on one single day. The target was to make a useful font while investing nothing more than the absolutely indispensable. The component-based glyph construction scheme of another font has been utilized, further detailing work has been strictly limited. Due to those restrictions some letters have rather unusual shapes.
However, because of the production limitations Crisis will be offered at an unbeatable rate. It is equipped with 320 glyphs and comes with all accented letters needed for any European language. Crisis has compact proportions, it is very legible even when set in small sizes. In printing you get more text on one page and thus save up to 30% of paper.
– Coming soon at Myfonts.

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What a fun and interesting idea! Quite an impressive result for one day's work -- when in the morning did you start and when did you finish? :-)

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You know, I like this one. A lot. Crud. I'm going to go broke on fonts this year...

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… when in the morning did you start and when did you finish?

I started at six in the morning (most unusual for me, but I was awake this night by, and finished about A few nimor adjustments have been made the other day.

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Nice concept. How can you do that in one day? xD

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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How can you do that in one day?

Company secret :-D

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Crisis is available now. Enjoy it.

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