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Hi folks,

This is a little non-paying side project for a friend who is incoming auditor of the DJ society of the local university. The brief is very loose, with simplicity important. I would be interested to hear thoughts on this concept… The execution is very rough at the moment.

Uses will mainly include flyers, T-shirts and posters.

Many thanks,

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What is that circle represent? A vinyl or a plug?

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Both; turntable, and also speaker and plug.

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Ah... I get it.
The symbolism is OK, but I'm not really fond of the type.
But it's your design after all. :)

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Nice graphic but my personal felling is that the type and graphic don't interact well.
Most notably between the D and the jack.


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i agreed with what's been said here about the typo, but the graphic is nice and 'understandtable' :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I will spend some time on the type over the weekend and check back on Monday.


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It seems to me that there is not enough space between the turntable arm and the text at the bottom - they are kind of running into each other. Also, seems like the circle (record) is a little too small.

I like the overall graphic nature of the mark.

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I would suggest taking a look
at any "unwanted" connotations.

Right now, in all seriousness,
it feels very phallic to me.

Just a thought.

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I just assumed those connotations were wanted in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way - the phallic plug and the mammary record in the background.

If it was not designed this way, then yes, you've got a big problem :-)

- Lex

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Hi, there is a different hint!

The jack entering from bottom left has some weight - in relation to the symmetry!
The "DJ" (LARGE LETTERS) have weight too - in realation of all letters.

IF you let the jack entering from right top... and reachig to the same position like now... then it has TWO positive effects:
a) the jack could be interpreted as the arm of a turntable (in it's correct positon) - and
b) there will be no tight squeeze between jack and text...


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