logo type redesign, need help!

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Ok I had a font that I had to start with because it was the one that they are best known for. Started with the top one and ended with bottom. any feedback would be appreciate.

I was thinking about playing adding an AE ligature not sure if it will look right though, what you think?

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oops messed up IA some how, here is a fix.


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hah, and yet even a 3rd revision.


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I'm not sure how this name is pronounced, but I'm guessing at kie-ah-NET-oh or kie-ah-NEAT-oh. Either way, I think the AE ligature will make it harder to figure out how to say it.
To me, the real problem is the N, because it looks like a Greek letter pi. My two cents' worth is, use version #2, substitute a more conventional N, and use the funky-but-legible A and O from version #1.

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It looks like a teenage eighties pop band that calls themselves "heavy metal" and doesn't wear shirts on stage. They know three chords and refuse to admit they're wearing mascara. The lead singer "Spitfire" has a lick-on tattoo that he puts on every morning and his real name is Chad. He collects toy dragons and has never beaten his little sister at chess.

In other words - what the heck is this logo for? Is my impression the one you want? The odd name and the dagger style could work for some applications, but it doesn't work at all if it's not communicating visually the thing you want it to.

Is it a video game? A band? A comic book hero? A medieval costume designer? A Harry Potter villain? Because I really have no idea. IMHO, this is a much bigger problem than ligatures. If you walk through the kids books in Borders, you'll see tons of covers with this style in the young boys section. Is that your target market? If so, you've done well.

Can you give us any information to figure out what you're trying to achieve?

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yeah, well its a clothing line for gamers. kind of like roxy is for girl surfers. the fon't is already sort of well established, but I gave enough push to get a make over on it. I don't want to give it a 360 makeover because that would be to much of a shell shock to marketing. this is the dilemma. not going to far, but far enough to make it look good.

www.kiaeneto.com is the website if that helps.
site is getting an overhaul too since it looks like its from the 90's hah ;[

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I think you should focus on keeping the dot "i" star and inside "O" star. The N is awfull you should change it to someting more readable. I'm not shure about the A, i'm not a fan of the original One, but maybe changing it like you do is going too far, as for the change of the T, i also don't like the original one, but i think you change it too much.
Another thing, if you decide to change the A for a more classic form like you did - wich i'm not sure is a good idea, classic look for gamers teenager.... - you should also correct the E to match the style of the A
that's for my two cents advices: keep the star - you might try versions that focus on it - , correct the N and try to slightly enhance the typo.

good luck with this project.

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