Victory Sports Group

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My main question here is whether or not the letter spacing in VSG looks OK to your raw eyes, but I welcome any other comments as well.

This is one of those projects that has been reserrected from several months of rest. It's a logo for a professional athlete agency in the Southeast (Georgia, Alabama). I am dealing with a challenging client, and don't expect to be able to make many major alterations at this point

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The right stem of the "V" looks too thin. I think a condensed sturdier font under the icon may give it more stability. Also, in the space between the thin and thick bars on the stem on the G should be more straight. In the other parts of the logo, the taper is less obvious.

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Version 5 and 6 -- are these marks including a rectangular background. Or just marks placed on a rectangle randomly chosen?

In the subline, there seems to be too much space between R and T (and too little between U and P?)

Soren O

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Thank you Tom and Soren for your comments. I apologize for not responding earlier. I will look into some potential alternatives for the title line, although the logo has already been approved, as is, so I was expecting to only make minor adjustments. The rectangles are not part of the logo, just showing the logo with a background for future applications. The identifying colors are PMS 274 and 871

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