Font Proposal for major corporation.

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Alright typophile, I work for a company that uses a bastardized version of Gill Sans as their corporate font. Seriously, they paid someone in the 90's to basically alter Gill Sans' quirky Ultrabold "I".

The problem as a part of the design team is that we have to work with a fractured and incomplete set of glyphs. It's a postscript version with no kerning pairs, ligatures or well...anything. It's just bad.

I want to propose the complete set of Verlag as an alternative which is much more fresh and has a lot more flexibility in terms of OpenType. I chose it because it would allow the company's literature to transition a little more seamlessly rather than having to recreate everything at once.

I've expressed these things to the higher-ups and they want (and are open to) a proposal.

So, what does typophile think of this idea? Can anyone else think of some advantages?

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What's the corporation?

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JCB, Inc.

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Could you post some examples of what they did to the "I"?

I imagine you can go on about need for linguistic support that OpenType will give you, since is a JCB is an international company.
Maybe go into the benefits of using cross-platform fonts too.

Maybe show them a few specific characters you are missing for other language support in your presentation. Show them too, side by side, text with & without of ligatures.

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Well, Verlag is an anagram of gravel, so you're on the right track :-)

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Just show them a comparison of the really ridiculous Gill heavy weights versus the heavy weights of Verlag. That should be enough to win anyone over.

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