Greater Albion Releases Gildersleeve

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Greater Alion Typefounders has just released it's next family of faces. Gildersleeve evokes the spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920s. Think of a hand-cut Roman display face, with loving care lavished over each serif and letterform.

Gildersleeve is offerered in the classic combination of a regular face, a bold face, an italic and an italic bold. Any of them are ideal for poster or cover work, as well as for chapter and section headings in a longer document, in combination with a text face such as Vertrina or Clementhorpe Text.

You can see some examples of Gildersleeve in use on our blog, or try it out for yourself at

In the meantime, here's an example of Gildersleeve in action:

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beautiful, not a fan of the lower case w, but still, beautiful.

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