Inch/Foot Marks in InDesign

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Okay all you InDesign experts: is there a way to override the typographic quote marks on a temporary basis from the keyboard in order to insert inch and foot marks?

I realize that I can just insert them from the Type > Insert Glyphs... palette. But how tedious and clumsy is that?! In Quark (Mac) I could just use the control modifier key and type either control-' for a foot prime or shift-control-' for an inch double prime.

Anything like this in InDD?

-- K.

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Thanks, John. I'll give it a try next time. Still not as elegant as the option in Quark, but better than mousing through the Insert Glyphs.

-- K.

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...but it's more elegant if the primes given using Cmd-Shft-' were actually "dumb quotes" and not the primes designed with the font.

I've never noticed this to be the case, nor do I know much about whether designed primes are standard in a font or not.

> better than mousing through the Insert Glyphs

Maybe somebody could write a script to do this with a keystroke. :^)

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Hi Kent,
I believe this is what you a looking for...
ShiftOptionApple '
Once you've hit this key command nothing appears to happen...what you don't see is that it has made the switch to primes/or glyphs depending on what your default is set at. Now hit ' and you'll see the change.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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