Rich Kegler in today's (7/21/09) Wall Street Journal

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Profile of P22's Rich Kegler here. Includes type samples!

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Congratulations Snidely Whiplash :-)

Your razor evidently has failed to function! I still have a canister of mustache wax if you want it.


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<< People are dusting off these old [letterpress] printers >>

As an old letterpress printer, I think Rich may have used the wrong word. We're not that dusty. Maybe he meant to say "presses."


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Rich is selling the Stache on eBay:

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I think his wife caught him fooling around with a Gypsy Moth and set a trap.

Ouch, that had to hurt Richard :-)

Since it is for a good cause I will bid 50$ You can keep the 'stache Richard, I have enough blonde hair on my face already : )

Any takers.


Edit: It only shows 26$, so if you want to up it you have to go to 51$

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Michael your poker face at bidding needs work.

I think Rich may have used the wrong word.
Anyone who has ever been "quoted" is often "edited" without "checking" to see if what they are "saying" is factual. so, no I have never referred to a press as a printer (to any of my recollection). However I do get quite dusty when digging through type drawers, so it may well be true.

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Just trying to up the bet and get some action going. If this is successful I will shave the beard and put it on 4 or 5 moth traps and give the money to the WNYBAC : ) I 'll let it go for 6 months... it will take a tractor trailer to deliver it to the winning bidder.


Edit: My wife would get a kick out of that. In 28 years she has never seen me clean shaven.

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