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Apologies if this is in the wrong place...
I have someone needing a complete set of U&lc plus numbers in Opentype format for Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic based on an existing 8 letters. The bold needs to be completed in 4 weeks and the rest within 8 weeks after that. I have no idea what to charge for this project. I've done many projects like this in the past but with studio walls, not as freelance work. Any help would be great!

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one... million... dollars.

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There have been numerous threads on Typophile regarding pricing. You should check the archives

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For the bold to be completed in 4 weeks you essentially have to complete the whole thing in 4 weeks, so that 8 week deadline is really meaningless, and 4 weeks is a short deadline for a full character set.

What I usually do for custom projects is charge a price per unique character and then charge a flat fee for adapting to bold and italic and other variations.

As a ballpark the price per character should be based on the time it would take you to do a character and how much you think your time is worth. The more complex and difficult the character forms are the more time it takes and the more you charge.

Figuring a base price per hour of $60, if each character takes 15 minutes you might charge $15 per character. You'd charge less for the accented characters, maybe 1/4 as much. Maybe a little less for punctuation.

So with a relatively easy font at $15 a character you'd be charging maybe $1200 plus another $200 for the accented characters and $200 each for the different styles (bold, italic, etc). As market prices go that's pretty cheap. I would actually value my time at higher than $60 an hour, so I doubt I'd ever charge this little, but it's a starting point.

I also discount or increase the price based on the source material I have to work with. If the customer provides full high quality drawings of the characters I charge less. If they just give me a rough idea I charge more.

Another consideration would be the time. 4 weeks isn't a lot. I'd jack the price of 25% for that kind of time deadline.

Dave Nalle
Scriptorium Fonts

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