Compliment to Meta?

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A friend has asked me to help design a small workbook for her. This workbook will be around 30 pages, contain line art illustrations, be printed in black and white, and will be designed for her kids, which are young adults with mild learning disabilities. She has chosen the typeface FF Meta for the copy of the workbook and is unsure about what typeface to use for the titles of each chapter section (headlines).

She is really set on using FF Meta, and we are trying to decide what would be a suitable typeface, if any, serif or sans-serif, that compliments Meta well while retaining organization and legibility.

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Maybe this is a little obvious, but maybe Meta bold?

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or Meta Serif! Haha. Whats the budget? I agree with James, you could probably use Meta Bold Small Caps or All Caps as headers.

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Unlimited budget.

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Well if that's the case,
get Collis by Enschedé

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I second Yehan. Either FF Meta Bold SCs/Caps or FF Meta Serif.

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I doubt you'd need to blow a wide hole in your pocket and get Collis. It's a beautiful face..but completely unneccesary for your purposes.

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Just kidding
I just wanted to say
there is always a budget.

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Check the obvious Meta Condensed or … Fago Condensed in an extreme weight, say extrabold or black.

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