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Working on a logo for a futures trading company—American Futures Trading. Their only direction was that they wanted to see a few concepts with "AMF".

This is the main concept I'm presenting:

I think this is my strongest concept. It fits the AMF requirement and also incorporates a symbol for "-" and "+" representing the futures market/stocks/numbers/etc...

I like these as well:

Let me know what you think.


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The first is the strongest. But having the red dash (line) so far away from the rest of the + it reads as -HAFT first.

A word of warning. Google loves Typophile. So if your client would prefer you not discuss them online you should edit the title of this thread and promote the use of just AMF. (Unless even AMF is part of their brand.)

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Thanks for the reminder... I meant to start doing that a few posts ago.

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I also read it as -HAFT, and I think the plus sign, mixed with the green-blue colour, gives the logo a medicinal feel

Also is it me or is the horizontal bar on the plus sign a little too low?

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+1 for “HAFT”. Perhaps make the plus sign a bit smaller than the letters and center it vertically, then bump it a few ticks to the left?

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The plus sign also seems wider than it is tall and I feel compelled to make it square.

[edit] I should add that I like the direction of the first one. I didn't mean to sound all negative!

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Haft here as well.

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Same here, i like the first project but i also read Haft. I agreed with Ed_Aranda, you should try to make the + sign smaller or more detached from the A, so it doesn't look like a cutted H.

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