The Klingspor Museum

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Has anyone been to this particular museum in Offenbach? I recently had dinner with the daughter of the director and, although she didn't seem to know much about it, explained to me that it was a museum related to book arts and typography. If anyone has any more details, I'd love to know.

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Not far from you is the SF Public Library with the Harrison Collection and Rare Book rooms. Go there first and then by all means go to the Klingspor. Amazing collection.


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Thanks for the info. I just moved out here and have been planning to make the rounds of the local collections.

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And please do not forget to visit the follow-up company of D. Stempel.
They still own millions of matrizes from Stempel and produce new (old) Stempel fonts, not only for the museum, but for still existing letterpress fanatics around the world (in german height 23,56 mm or anglo-american heigt 23,32 mm).

Mr. Gerstenberg, the owner, is the last in Europe, who produces lead fonts professional, after Mr. Hartmann from Bauersche in Barcelona stopped the production end of last year.

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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The Klingspor Museum is delightful! The building is small, so there is not a "permanent collection" on display. Instead, they have rotating exhibitions. Like any museum, some exhibitions will probably interest you more than others. Just take a look at their calendar for the year.

The real Klingspor Museum gem is their library, which you could get an appointment to visit.

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