What are the last three fonts you have bought?

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I have been reading with interest the "first three fonts you have bought" thread, and while it is nostalgic, I wonder if a last three fonts you have bought might be more useful, in letting people know what fonts out there are hot.

Sadly, I can't offer much personal information, as I have not been buying fonts much lately. I did get Paradigm from Shinntype a couple years back, but other than that, my font desires have been Adobe bonus fonts like Brioso and Garamond Pro.

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To work on a project I inherited from someone else, had to recreate a logo:
- Digital Serial Bold
- Engravers' Gothic

Originally just for fun, because I liked it and I had Museo already, but later ended up using it for a project:
-Museo Sans Family

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Looking for a sans to set longish blocks of text in a book which mostly used Whitman.

A few weights of Interstate.


Interstate and Iris so that I might make some typographic matches to the faces used on the jacket.


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> Digital Serial Bold

This font belongs to the Brendel rip-off stuff sold by Elsner + Flake, Quick Brown Fox, Softmaker and others:

see http://www.sanskritweb.net/forgers/brendel.pdf

Nobody who is sane in the brain would want to buy such rip-off stuff.

A more interesting survey would be this one:

What are the first three (or the last three) ripoff fonts that you have been tricked into buying by conmen?"

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Well, between focusing on type design and the recession I haven’t had to buy much type, but my last three were Museo, Whitney, and Iowan Old Style.

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Axel, because it was such a bargain. Jazzing up my spreadsheets now.
Some weights of Avenir, because the specs of a client said so. Pretty sure I can reuse it soon.
Dessau, simply because I dig that brick of a font. Proves to be more versatile than I had hoped.

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Well, Uli, I didn't really WANT to buy it, I had to for a job. The previous designer had made the font choice.

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I'm not sure i can remember 3, but Liza from Underware and Girard fonts from House Ind. have to have been my last 2.

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because a Slab can come in handy anytime (thanks, Florian, for the tip :)

because I'm a sucker for typewriter faces

because I hinted the thing and, ah, well, I did buy a licence but just to check out the new FontShop Germany beta website ;)

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See my response in the other thread.

I am still trying to remember the first three… It”s been over 20 years ago — I was at the introduction of the original FontShop on a Mac-convention in Amsterdam. Think I bought something at the time, or took out a subscription to FUSE.

Oh, Jens — Axel works perfectly in Excel. Saves a lot of screen estate!

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Benton Sans,
Rocky ExtraCond-Black


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Milo by Michael Abbink
Slate by Rod McDonald
Egyptian Slate by Rod McDonald

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Proxima Nova
FF Clifford
Museo Serif & Sans

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The last three fonts I purchased weren't based on a particular use. They just hit a style/price point that made them impulse buys:

- James' Recovery:


- DSType's Estilo:


- DSType's Anubis:


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And now Calluna as well!


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My last two were Axel and FF Trixie HD. I can't remember what the most-recent font after those was…

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Old Style No. 7
BT Bookman
Beorcana Pro (or rather, 8 of the 28 fonts)

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My last three were FB Eagle, some styles of Whitman / Whitman Display, and Dez Squeeze Fat. Maybe I should say I do occasionally buy fonts made by people who don't hang out on Typophile, too. ;-)

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Kewl Script

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For a job: Ideal Gothic, Horndon, Etienne

Job had to do with retro travel memorabilia.

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regime by jonathan barnbrook, liza by underware, ingeborg and premiera by typejockeys

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Here's a janky list:

Priori Sans Regalt - Barnbrook
Collins Old English - Scriptorium
Stern Pro - Rimmer Type Foundry

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Pratt Pro regular by Nick Shinn (excellent.)

Expo Serif Pro and Expo Sans Pro (very readable, extensive character sets.)

If you count the Expo purchases as one, then the special ligatures set for Underware's Dolly would be my third, though it wasn't a purchase but a complimentary offering by Underware.

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