Bodoni? Caslon? What font is this?

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Can anyone identify this font?
The font is printed in the alumni magazine page 21.

Thank you.

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Freight Big Black

Tip: If you have a PDF, you can see in Acrobat (File > Document Properties) which fonts the file is using.

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you may want to submit that image to they can identify it correctly for you. Sorry i couldn't help more.

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Thanks Cristobal Henestrosa.

RE: Meredith726
I have already try, but the site can't identify it.
I also have try to post and ask but nobody answer my question.

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Hey Chung,

It's probably a typeface they designed themselves, I'm study type design and typography in holland the Hague and the system used for this face is what's teached nowadays. The repetition of forms: if you look at the shape of the "u" this is simply a rotated "n" and the "n" is the left side of the "m". This system works in the beginning of type design but is not as sophisticated as typefaces that are constructed for the best optical effect.

For these reasons I think it's something done by this academy.
I do think it's a nice typeface for headings though.

good luck,

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No, really, it’s Freight Big Black, designed by Joshua Darden, apparently not related with The Hague.

You can type with this font at:

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I'm just as confused as you are, Cristobal.

- Lex

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I think Cristobal is correct.

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