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hi guys,

can i have your thoughts on Logo i am creating. It is for a computer repair, parts and accessories store. Logo should be modern, high tech, cutting edge. Can i have your thoughts and advice. I am new to logo design by the way. Any help u can offer to help me improve will be greatfull

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IMO the T is too narrow and you may rework the negative space of the middle bar of the E making it bigger (and same for the negative space of the T)

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it looks very nice, would make a good logo for a it business, yeh i agreee that the t is to narrow, and have a look at making minor alterations to the e.

very nice,

Oliver Pillmore

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hi guys,

thanks for your comments.. i know u mentioned the T being too narrow..its actually the same width as the other letters.. should i make the other letters thicker as well?

thanks for your help

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The T is not even close to the same width as the other letters. Are you looking at a different version? I lined the t up under two other letters to show you what we're seeing.

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oooh i see what u mean sorry i was looking width squares not the letter as a whole.. thanks for that.. sorry its my first "custom" font... the R need some fixing as well..
u can see the update

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To me, the arrow should be on the "RE" (possibly the left side of the crossbar of the 'E') because of that morpheme's meaning.

Otherwise, it's an improvement.

- Lex

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If you are keen to have an arrow, how about squishing S vertically a bit and putting a downward arrow on top of it ? Making it look like S is being pressed down as if it's a reset button being pressed.

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Somewhat related .. played with the letter shapes a bit and this came out. I think it's an interesting way of rendering E's and S's, but it surely must've been done before.

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I like epsilicon’s idea, but I think horizontal stripes will always remind me of IBM.

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hi guys

thanks for your response... I agree with you Ed.. It does remind me of IBM. I am still trying to brain storm more concepts, but i am having a bit of trouble turning out new ideas. This may also be due to a family emergency i have been dealing with this week.

here is a question.. when u guys are stuck on a concept.. what brain storming techniques do u use to get things going... I know of taking breaks, getting fresh air etc.. but when your ready to attack your problem what are some things u do?

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Sometimes it's good to come up with the worst possible logo ever. Just go nuts - scribble with crayon, use Papyrus and Comic Sans, whatever. Then, either a) you'll accidentally stumble upon something that works or b) you can fix the mistakes in your fake logo and in the process maybe come up with something that works. Or you could just end up with a really bad crayon rendering of Papyrus :-)

- Lex

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Sometimes I’ll go browse Logopond for inspiration. But in general, if I get creative block, I try to surround myself with inspiring design. I find that a lot of times, creative block comes from getting stuck in a pattern of thought, and to break the pattern I need to find something new and inspiring. Caffeine and good music help too.

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Take my advice on design with grain of salt, but here's a thought you could try. Letter T could be horizontal flipped R, and you may flip last e to kinda make it symmetrical.

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Zlatko might be on to something there. The symmetry somehow communicates the meaning – like the word is resetting itself.

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I have a real issue with the neg space between the cross bar of the E.

I cant put my finger on it but I also have an issue with the Reflected R as a T its just not doing it.

The R becoming a T seems to close the logo in on itself.

I do like your original effort - just need to look at the way the cross bar meets the main body of the E.

Nice though generally

Will be interested to see the final logo. Keep going

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Keep at it - I'm liking the direction It's going. It's a fine line to me whether I see "RESET" or "RES37". Reminding me a bit of the Honda Civic logo (not a bad thing):

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That's funny. I wasn't able to read the Civic-Logo until I've read you comment. I was just wondering what "[ | V | ]" could stand for.

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Ugh - Now I see "[ | V | ]". In Civic commercials I've seen, both of the C's face the same direction, but then the last C gets flipped in animation. Not sure how the last flipped C relates to the name of the car or gives it additional meaning, but I think in "RESET" It's great idea.

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Not to sidetrack this thread too much, but I've always loved the Civic logo and wish they'd use it on the cars (to date, the on-the-car version is still a very bold, pointy thing). I love that sorta-anagram Zlatko put up. Both remind me of one of my all time favorite logos: Nine Inch Nails' famous NIN.

The middle of E, S, and E aren't align with each other in the current RESET version. And what about taking off the wings of that arrow (the fins?) and simply leaving it as a clean spear point? Would match the straight edges of the rest of the type in my eyes.

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