ogonek- Polish signage examples

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I took these pictures on my last vacation...
Just managed to compile them into some semblance of order and thought that they may be of interest. http://www.twardoch.com/download/polishhowto/ogonek.html was a great help to me as I've been trying to figure out just what all it takes to make a complete font.

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Sorry if this seems like an overload...

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All of the pictures are from street signs; these are hand written:

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Stone carving and metal ogonek...

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A few leftovers that didn't fit the other categories I made...

...and finally, my whole trip I was looking for an example in graffiti. Never found one. About a week after I left, my friend was excited to send me this picture-

So, lots of people thought I was crazy (and a couple people thought I must be a criminal, taking pictures of letters, I must be up to no good). But... well, I can;t think of any buts, I guess I am a little crazy...

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Thanks for this. I had a long conversation with another type designer yesterday about supporting central and eastern European languages. We were debating whether American designers are better off devoting more time to drawing better letters instead of creating extended character sets to support languages we don’t know based on the advice of a handful of people on the internet. Seeing how much more there is to just this one mark is really making me wonder if I should just stick to what I really know and leave support for these languages up to native typographers.

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This is a great compilation, thanks. James, why not cater to these extra (potential) customers for your fonts (they can always pick someone else's ogonek if they wish)?

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