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A fun, more contemporary looking font, I have not utilized this font yet but I'm anxious to put it to work in some prarcticle manner. Hammer away.

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Hello A-type.

I can view the images in my browser. None of it. Maybe some technical problem with them?

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Works fine here. You have to wait a second.

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Nice concept!

I think b d g p q work very well and show that this thing has potential.

The m is also a bit tricky, the w is better but needs some weight taken out in the centre (maybe assymmetrical?). Same for the x, and also the k (maybe just move the diagonals away).

The h needs a lacuna, either on top or at the bottom of the joint (which would be less conventional and fitt better, I assume).

The o seems a bit too heavy, maybe it could do with an opening (at the botom or left) or at least a lacuna. You have done the right thing with the y there.

The e is much better than the a.

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wow, so sorry I never got back to this one. Thanks for the input Tim, those are some very good suggestions. I've changed the a since then. The m is tricky indeed. Some reason m always seems to be my weakest character. I'm somewhat rusty on my typography terms, I have an idea but could you explain what "lacuna" means? no reasonable google results were found.

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Lacunas are often referred to as ink-traps, or sometimes "crotches". Christian Schwartz' Amplitude is an example where they are so pronounced they become stylistic elements.

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Thanks again Tim. I'll try to get an update, in the next few weeks revised with your suggestions considered, once I get caught back up with all the various projects I have going on.

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