Ambigrams, palindromes, semordnilaps and pangrams

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It appears as though ambigrams are becoming a popular design exercise. I have noticed a bit of difficulty distinguishing between ambigrams, palindromes and semordnilaps (I think you need to scroll down to see semordnilap). I wonder if it’s possible to design an ambigram/palindrome or an ambigram/semordnilap?

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any palindrome pangrams?

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"Oh, wet Alex, a jar, a ****! Up, disk, curve by! Man Oz, Iraq, Arizona, my Bev? Ruck's id-pug, a far Ajax, elate? Who?"

EDIT: um, excuse my language. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to deduce the censored word.

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"Otto" in Exocet is a palindromic ambigram.

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+00H0+ +0H00+

A full alphabet of letters that each flips to itself is fairly easy, if ugly in places. Then you can apply it to any palindrome.

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A full alphabet of letters that each flips to itself is fairly easy


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@ Eliason: Nice one. And, I've been trying to remember the name of that face for years now. Thanks.

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Another cross-post from mk2. Is there an easier way to combine threads on exactally the same topic?

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Not quite sure what umbrella this one falls under, but I thought it might be of interest.

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I think a similar subject has been posted here:

The example, though, is not the most readable.


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So other depressed people being given a swirlie can read what it says?


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