FontLab toolbars have a mind of their own?

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don't get me wrong, i'm completely enamored by FontLab, but why do FontLab's toolbars seem to have a mind of their own? they're always rearranging themselves on me. and last night one of them decided to leave me all together and i had to go find him hide-and-go-seek style. wassup with that? is this just happening to me? have i completely lost it? or has anyone else noticed this toolbar tomfoolery?

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One FL problem is that if you customize the UI at all, then have a crash, it resets to the way the UI was the last time you did a clean exit of the program. This applies to both which toolbars are on, and what's on the toolbars.

It would be nice if it saved the UI state when you exit the UI customization.


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Yeah, I lost my magnifying-glass toolbar two weeks ago and still can't figure out how to get it back (been using the + and - keys in the meantime).

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I lost my magnifying-glass toolbar two weeks ago...

yes! that's exactly what prompted me to write this! (besides the toolbars shifting around on me all the time) i found it again though, i think there's a button on the bottom left hand side i had to click to get that magnifying glass back. i couldn't find it in the drop down menus anywhere...

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