Appropriate typeface for a Gardens (Any ideas?)

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Looking for a Sans Serif typeface which will be used for a Gardens identity in South East Asia.

The object of the typography is to reflect:
• Clarity (simplicity) for use throughout signage (there will be some areas of the site where the type will be used at a size of three meters in height).
• Intrigue through organic elements when used at a interpretative level (to subtly reference the concept of the gardens/plant forms – rounded tips, organic flourishes etc).
• Large variation (from thin to bold/black) with the possibility of a slab serif relative; although this is not a requirement.
• The type should balance well against the languages of the far east, notably Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, Malay (all signage will be set in a minimum to two languages)

I have trailed through numerous type foundries sites to find solutions. One suggestion was Stag Sans although this typeface is primarily used in an editorial context (

The other option is Vista Sans (Émigré). Vista has the relevant ‘organic elements’ although feels slightly unrefined and clumsy when used at large type sizes; notably signage.

It would be great if the family had variations which varied from simplicity (singage) to 'creative' (interpretation/identity).

Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks D.

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Have you looked at Fresco (or Fresco Plus) from Ourtype? There's also sans (+ condensed), script and informal versions.

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Slab: Parry.

Also worth a look: Trinité.

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Capsa by Dino Dos Santos.

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Look at Eva from OurType. Or Absara from FontShop; it has a Sans and a Serif, and a wide range of weights.

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I somehow missed "sans" :) Forgive me!

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