Illustrator 10 & Indesign 2.0 question:

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is it "safe" for output to copy to the clipboard from Illustrator and then paste into Indesign?

it is very convenient, but I don't know if i should go back when I'm done, and properly place EPS files.

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yes, I meant "will the art still be vector?", and any type in the art print properly, etc.

I love this feature. It'll save me a LOT of time.

thank you!

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If you mean "will the art still be vector?", it is safe. Integration with Illustrator is one of the many beauties of InDesign.

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My favorite thing about InDesign (for the moment) has
to be the beautiful PDFs it generates. No more color
discrepancies between Quark-generated art and imported EPSs.

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