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It's often been said that Trajan is an overused font for movie titles (at least until recently). But that seems to apply only to dramas and thrillers and a few other genre. Comedies almost always have their titles set in red extra bold sans-serif fonts on plain backgrounds.

A collection of such titles are in this video at College Humor (SFW, but don't count on it being so for other stuff at that site)

Is big red text funny for some reason?

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Some of us have covered this (again and again). But that video does it better.

Joe Clark

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Hollywood movies are rarely imaginative, so why expect the posters to be?

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Big studios with dumb comedies aren't concerned with using design to convey anything to a discerning moviegoer who wants to know if a film is likely to meet his individual tastes. They demand market saturation, and they won't risk the possibility that one person in a hundred thousand might not notice the movie poster, or not be able to read the title, or not remember seeing it. They're pretty sure that to use anything more subtle than red on white is to take that risk.

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