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Hey Everyone,

Just finished my first concept for this company and wanted to get some feedback while I work on some other ideas.

This first concept came about as the client wants to work with the letter "A"—playing off of "Alsip" and also the layout of their lot is "a-shaped".

After a little doodling I noticed that a rotated box, inside an non-rotated box create A's. So you have a box within a box to show the storage aspect, and it also makes four A's that can be seen when the logo is rotated 0, 90, 180, and 360 degrees.

I didn't bother putting time into kerning yet, so let me slide on that for now.

Let me know what you think so far.


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I didn't see the 'a' easily but i do really like the box in a box to represent storage.
The concept would also make a great 3d promotion.


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I'm getting a jewelery feel from the mark, definitely not a storage. It looks like a diamond in a princess cut.

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I like it. I definitely didn't get the jewelry feel from it. Initially it felt more architectural or industrial (which isn't a bad feeling). And on closer inspection it felt very solid and secure, but not in your face. I too like the box in a box idea.

Good work.


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look what i found today. a similar design element, all placed within one larger box.

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I can't see the A. But I like the shape.

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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone!

Here is another concept:

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Too windowish now.

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Only after I read eliason's comment sis I see windows. I think it can work like this, if not try making just one square inside. This concept is way better then the first one you posted.


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agree--it's only the 4 interior squares that make the negative space appear to be window panes. with the right sort of treatment, it could work much better.

brainstorming: perhaps a simplistic keyhole--reversed within a smaller black square?

anyways, props for some nice designs on a potentially boring subject

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I definitely like your first concept, it's stylish and elegant, and I did get the box-in-a-box idea, not jewellery
The A with window is too heavy for me, and too "windows" indeed
but I really like your first

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the first version looks nice but I'm not sure it fits the purpose. When I think about storage I think about security & strong. The logo looks too flimsy to me.

The second logo is a better suite imo. I would change the green boxes to brown since most moving boxes are brown color.

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What's the demographic? I like the first concept aesthetically, but it seems like this demographic might need a solution that's a bit more pedestrian in that it'll be used more on road-side signage and yellow pages ads.

I think the second one hits the target audience better. Maybe to make it less 'windowy' what if you removed one of the 'boxes'?

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Hmm...regarding my last comment: what if you stacked 3 boxes (1 on top and 2 on the bottom). That would remove the window pane look and mirror the A.

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i prefer the first project design than the second. Have you tried to mix them, to remove the diamond looking square of the first,and replace it by 4 boxes that makes the inner square ? is my english understandable?

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Drop the 3d.

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yea 3d isnt working.

i have a rough here--i know it sucks. but there may be a way to use the 3 boxes effectively.

it could be used in some combination of negative space in the counters (clearly not like i've done), or next to the A where you have had a large square--something--but i find the idea of 3 stacked boxes compelling in terms of the formal similarity between the shape of the A and the boxes. plus, as aluminum pointed out, stacked boxes really does imply boxes.

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yea 3d isnt working.

i have a rough here--i don't want to show any great ideas and screw your own work. luckily it's just an idea.

it could be used in some combination of negative space in the counters, or next to the A--something--but i find the idea of 3 stacked boxes compelling in terms of the formal similarity between the shape of the A and the boxes. plus, as aluminum pointed out, stacked boxes really does imply boxes.

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I reaaaaally apologize for that post going up twice. not sure what happened.

i think this idea can be pushed
here was another sketch

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How about something like this ?

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thanks for the help everyone. I'm still working on some more concepts. After looking these over the last few days, I don't think any of them are working.

one thing to watch out for (I can see it in evanbrog's comp) is that you can spell "ASS" way to easy with "Alsip Self Storage". :)

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haha. (junk in the trunk)

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@epsilicon: I love it!

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after seeing the A box idea ... I was going to respond with "make it wokr in black and white and you're there!" And Eps has shown how it can be done.

It looks great. Taking the original concept and distilling it. yummo!

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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After talking with the client—and learning more about the town (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alsip,_Illinois)-I decided to go with something very simple.

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Very retro. I like it. The red and blue version looks very familiar - but I don't know what it reminds me of.

- Lex

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The one with Alsip on a diagonal looks like a moving box with a "fragile" stripe wrapped around it. Very fitting.

Also the middle one on the second image is really well balanced and looks great in general. The simplest is the bestest :)

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I also prefer the middle one of the second image. it's the most balanced.

@epsilicon: your logo rock :)

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Dutch flag perhaps?


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The wiki article about Aslip shows a photo of a water tower with the caption: "This is one of the two water towers which are notable landmarks with their dark red color and fluted shaft. Both are visible to travelers on I-294."

Mike, have you considered changing the rectangle shapes (red & blue) from your latest post (20.Jul.2009 6.27pm) and changing them to mimic the "famous" water tower? A dome on top with the skewed rectangle below? Just a thought.

I agree that the middle one in the second image is well balanced and looks good ... but wow, is it boring! Totally unmemorable. Sorry, but that's my impression. I love simplicity, but this feels like it needs something to punch it up; a subtle pattern, a fine paper texture, letterpress printing, anything to make it look thought-out. I like the top (red/blue) one much better.

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@ lex

the le specs (australian sunglasses brand) logo maybe?

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have you tried something this ? (i still prefer the first project from your others)

maybe like this the boxes looks inside a diamond.

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