Prince HTML to PDF converter now supports OpenType, Arabic and Indic shaping

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Hi everyone,

We have just released a beta version of Prince 7.0, our HTML/CSS to PDF converter, with lots of new features that I have been eager to share with the Typophile community. Some of the highlights include:

- Support for OpenType fonts with CFF/PostScript outlines.
- Kerning and ligatures using OpenType layout features (GSUB).
- Mark and cursive positioning using OpenType layout features (GPOS).
- Shaping for Arabic and most Indic scripts (Devanagari, Bengali, etc.)
- Experimental support for applying arbitrary OpenType features.
- Improved font support on MacOS X and Windows.

As you can see, we have really been focusing on fonts and i18n for this release, so I was wondering if any Typophile members might like to try it out with their favourite fonts and scripts. We would greatly appreciate any feedback on how we could make Prince even better!

Best regards,


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