Pomona Display (Working Title)

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Somehow I managed to delete the original post while trying to add another pdf, hee. Sorry, eeeek.

Here is the latest updates (pomonapdftwob.pdf). The drippy C and G is a little less drippy. I also expanded it, it felt a little too compressed while I was working with it. Thanks for the critiques and please keep them coming. : ) - Jess

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Wow I love the soft edges and all.
My favorites are the Ws really cool apex.
I believe the colour of the text should be nice the weights of the stroke seemed balanced to me. My only concern as far as letterform is concerned are the lower serifs on E, L, Z and z. It's too abrupt.

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I like the look, but can't agree with johnnydib on the lower case z. I think it is a beauty. Just, one suspects, a matter of taste.

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Excellent work. I really like the over look. The Kk in particular and also the French ampersand are quite nice. Here some comments. I find the lower bowl of the g too small, that letter should have more “personnality”. At my point of view it's seems too timid. It could be a bit larger. The top of the G could be a bit wider, the S would be more open on the top or the drop is too low, Finally, overall the typeface are slightly condensed, but some letters (B, R, K, S) looks a bit extended compare too other T, M, N, V, W). Keep going.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I've done a lot of work on it and am taking everyone's critiques into consideration. I posted some examples of the italics that I'm working on at my flickr and some new samples of the regular.


Please comment here or at flickr.

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I love this! Really elegant and charming! The ampersand and numerals are especially delightful!
I'm sorry you've reduced the drippy terminals on the C and G, which I think were really lovely and I think perhaps the balance of the forms is a bit lost (G especially looks a bit bottom heavy).
F may be a little wide? And maybe S too?
Descender of j could maybe have a tighter curve on the right side?
1 looks a little light?
Delicious! Looking forward to seeing this continue :)

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