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this is a first draft of the uppercase :

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Hi Jim

i agree with yves on T and V, i think you should also forget the straight lines on your M and W. i think that in your Z you can figure out another solution.

maybe you will have a legibility problem between A and R, and X and H, i think you should try a bigger difference between them.

good bye and good luck with UF.

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Hi Jim,

This font deserves another weight, because the counterforms need to be completed for a block composition, maybe in the lowercase. Interesting posibility for a display font.

Look at Tiki Wood, here:



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Psychedelica! :-)

Quite a few inconsitencies, primarily T (awkward weight
distribution) and V (can't have straight lines in this design).
It's too freeform IMHO, you should stick closer to the rules
you set out for yourself. This might sound contradictory, but
you need very rigid rules* to pull off this kind of design if
you don't want it to end up looking amateuristic. More later.

(*) Check out some Rian Hughes designs for comparison.

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