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Hi, I can't seem to figure out where I should put the list of services on here. It all just seems bottom heavy. Argh! Also, The girl wants me to change the typeface to something more "girly". I made a list of other typefaces she can choose from but I really don't know what constitutes being "girly" without using an ugly, gimmicky font.

I'd love any help you could give me, especially for the composition of the type in relation to the logo and number. Thanks so much!

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Perhaps a light san serif? I agree that going with a stereotypical 'girly' font is just blah. Very clean design.

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Thanks but she's now asked me to use a cursive font. Bleah! And to move the doggie ears up. Trying my best to make her happy and still be proud to put this in my portfolio. Would love any critique on the placement of the rest of the copy.

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I did a new one with the requested girly/cursive type but I can't seem to upload it on here. :(

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Ah, now it works. See, she made me use a script font, weh. I think the rr's interfere with the dog ears now, and it's not in one line anymore. Also had to change the numbers to match the name. It kind of looks like a spa now. What do you do when you have to change your work to an aesthetic that's not necessarily your preference? Do you revert back to your original idea when you put it in your portfolio or keep as is?

Also, I would love any critique you could give me regarding the type placement. Thanks very much!

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Actually, to me I think the font you've chosen works nicely - especially with the puppy ears. Before they looked stuck on and I wasn't sure what they were. I like that the stroke modulates from thick to thin, it has more of a drawing feel to it which compliments the hydrants, bones and paw prints on the back of the card. Since you find the r's distracting you may want to alter them slightly. The seems close to the bottom, I would prefer to see the whole block of copy moved up just a bit.

As for using the final work or an earlier version in your portfolio, I'm a purest I suppose. To me part of the challenge of being a designer is working with the client. I do have a few self promotion pieces in my portfolio but they are unique to themselves and not a rejected proposal. I guess I'm concerned that in showing earlier versions of a project that I prefer over the final to a new client I'm saying (unintentionally) this client was an idiot and I may think you are an idiot too. So either it's in or it's out. I'm sure there are plenty of others who will argue the reverse, that's my 2¢.

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