Depeche Mode SOTU font

InetBUG's picture

Please, help me find this font or similar:
NOT "D" and "M" - i need font like "epeche" and "ode".

David Rault's picture

anyway, the whole graphics of the new depeche mode album + tour is absolutely hideous. it makes my eyes bleed everytime i come across.

faraqat's picture

i have to agree with David, but on the other hand, it has something so "bauhausian" that makes me feel atracted to it... and i don't understand what's the connection to the songs... the whole spirit of the album requires something diferent in my opinion... I think I have about its design a love-hate feeling.

Ricardo Cordoba's picture

I have trouble with the initial "D"... To me, it could be an "O"!

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