Feedback on Logo for Medical Supplier

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Hi all,

Looking for some feedback on a concept I drafted for a medical supply company that specializes in sales and rentals of electronic IV pumps to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. I'm especially looking for feedback on the typefaces — suggestions welcome.

Important brand bullet-points:

- Customer service is paramount (this is a highly customer-focused organization)
- Offers good value but never will offer bargain-basement pricing
- Quick service and delivery
- Approachable and dependable

Please take into account that this is a fairly conservative industry, and the competitors' marketing collateral is pretty abysmal. Hope this is enough information for a critique.

Thanks in advance

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I see what you're going for. I'm leaning towards the first one. Looks firm, grounded, corporate, but with a little personality.

The one issue that I'm sure you're aware of is the lack of the dot of the i. Obviously, I understand what you're doing but it's hurting the communication. It doesn't take much to read is at cri, but it's a hair confusing when you slow down and read it. I would try and see if you can achieve the same statement in all caps.

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I would go for the first one.

May be try the following:

1. make the whole thing "straight" instead of italic
2. Give a little more space between the type and the dots
3. Make the type just a little bigger


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i actually don't mind the i without the dot, but there is a possibility that it becomes confused as 'CR1'

perhaps an alternative could be to use one of the dots from the pattern above the letters as the dot on the i, if you see what i mean, will probably mean altering the logo a little

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Shift the dot pattern slightly to the right, so the rightmost dot lines up with the 'i'.

- Lex

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One thing to beware: it's easy to see "cri" and think "cry," at which point the drippy dots at the bottom threaten to become tears streaming from two eyes.
If you agree this is a concern, maybe caps would encourage reading it as an acronym rather than a word.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Very helpful. I've attached a few more options based on the feedback received. Personally, I don't like the look of the capital letters as much as the lowercase, but after reading @eliason's comment, i feel it necessary to consider caps.

Option 1: @Lex Kominek's point about shifting the dot for the 'i'.

Option 2: All caps, same typeface as option 1

Option 3: All caps, Futura Bold Oblique

Option 4: All caps, Meta Bold Italic

Suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance

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I interpreted cri as cry as well at first.
The caps definately help.
Also have you tried not having the whole thing on a slant?


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@Will Stanford

Yes I did try without the slant, but found it to be less dynamic. Here's an attachment — would like to hear others thoughts.

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definitely stick with the slanted version of the logo, but maybe try rotating the dots by 45 degrees clockwise, so that the right most blue dot becomes the dot on the i

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I think the slant suggest speed and 'delivery on time', as you mentioned in the first post. It does look a little generic without the slant IMO.

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Thanks for the replies. I agree about the slant — definitely more dynamic. Any feedback on which typeface looks best?

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I agree with eliason. All I see is "cry" and to place that in a healthcare context is risky. I would strongly encourage you to explore additional avenues of visual rhetoric instead the IV drip (tears) before thinking about typefaces.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm definitely going to abandon the lowercase and work with caps.

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Futura seems to work best for me. I'd just fix the kerning. You have too much space between the R and I or too little between the C and R.

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I wonder if you can't take a step back and use the letterforms to better push your concept. The i shape is very similar to an IV tube, while the dot for the i could potentially be manipulated into your drip. I agree with Chris, though - you have an unfortunate name/image association and it may be difficult to get away from "cry" with any sort of drip.

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