Feedback on a recent pet project

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Hello All,

I recently compiled a small collection of text morsels which resonated with me over the years. They are largely focused on design, art, philosophy and architecture.

I used a modest grid to establish a versatile visual system complemented by a sparse aesthetic approach - I'm curious what you (my peers) think about the implementation of the UX along with your appetite for the subject matter I chose to run with.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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Inspiring indeed. :D
What CMS are you using to built the site?
Is it just plain static HTML?

My latest favorite is "In grid we trust" by Gustavo Ferreira. :D

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Thanks for the contribution :)

Using plain HTML at this point but with plans of wrapping it in Wordpress which will open the functionality to enable public contribution via the WP login/commenting system.

P.S. Love the minimalism which governs your design

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You're welcome. Good luck with WordPress, if you're planning to make your own custom theme. :)

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