Custom Number 8 for my Wife

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I'm making this number for my wife to celebrate our 8 years of being together. I'm trying to find a balance between it having a decorative character and still resemble an 8.

The problem I'm having is that even though it's a two-story construction, I think I need to balance the lachrymal terminals on the upper and lower story. But I like weight. Also, think it looks like an "S" in that regard (that's a good thing).

I've added a few simple ornaments to represent the 8 years we've been together; six unmarried, and two married.

I've attached the progress along with the ornamented, latest version. I'm going with the inline version in the final piece but comments on either version are welcome.

I'm asking for everyone's opinions and criticisms. This is only my second time making a custom character and I want to make it as "finished" as possible. I appreciate all the help. Thank you.

Special 8.pdf202 KB
Special 8 *2.pdf198.24 KB
Special 8 *3.pdf120.51 KB
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I like it! You might want smooth more the "lumps" formed by joined beziers, particularly on the inside on the bottom left and right above that at the lachrymal. Also the whole top right stroke seems to be down just a bit.

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Thank you for the feedback. I'll make the adjustments as they come in and try to post up the results.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I took out a lot of the extra points in an effort to simplify the curves and eliminate the humps. I did notice that the top-right part was a little low and tweaked it slightly.

I also fixed the top and the bottom of the inline to be more rounded and smoother.

I've attached the new version to the original post and included it here for review. I'm still looking for more opinions and criticisms. Keep um' coming!

NOTE ::: Typophile is not letting me insert and image into this post. I've included the new version in the original post at the top. Sorry.

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Maybe if you flip it horizontally it won't looks like an S rather a number 8.

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Flipping it will make the angle of stress very unconventional - I imagine it will look backwards that way.

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I agree with the horizontal flip, it would change the logic I've tried to follow. It would look weird at this point.

I've moved the node to a more appropriate category.

I've also added some simple circular ornaments. Comments, criticisms, and encouragement is always welcome. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far, they've been great.

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