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Dear Typophile,
I am building Open Type features on Volt for a Devanagari font. I understand the basics of the software but some bits remain blurry. Right now, I am wondering on an efficient way to group the few glyphs I have. I do not need to build features for a large range of signs; I have in my font 45 conjuncts as well as the inde vowels, the vowel signs, the consonants, the half-forms.

I hope it could be simple and straight forward!

Thank you

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Here is what I did last year in your shoes ;-)

(not including the Latin groups…)
One group for all Deva glyphs
One for all the Deva conjuncts
One for all the Deva ligatures
One group for each of the full consonant forms and their derivatives (i.e., one group would include the Ba, the BRa and Bba)
One group for all the full Vattu forms
One group for all the half forms
Another for all the half Vattu forms (I actually did this group twice…)
Then a group for the above the base marks
Another for the below the base marks

I think that is it! But you have my VOLT project file, so you can take a closer look.

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Thanks Dan!

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All Consonants
Full Conjuncts
Full Forms
Full Rakar Forms
Half Forms
Half Rakar Forms
Mark Top
Mark Bottom
Mark Halant
Mark Nukta
Mark Rakar
Mark Reph
Mark Sup
Mark Sub
Mark All
Matrai Forms

These are basic groups, but you can have more Glyph Groups based on how big your character set is.

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Satya's list is also what I would consider typical for a Northern Indic script.

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Thanks, you two! I'll keep this in mind.

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Thank you all! I eventually went with my own organisation which is actually pretty close to Satya's list. I actually get slightly confused by the document Microsoft is providing. Now, everything makes much more sense. Thank you again!

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Is the font somewhere to see? Just for hindi without any ligatures?

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