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Hi there! I've been lurking around here for quite some time but now I've finally registered..

I'd love to get some comments and critique on the Corporate Identity for my Webpage.

It's called bloobseven.. the left symbol stands for an abstract b and the right one for an abstract 7..

I rounded the edges to make it easier to look at it and added a bit perspective to make it look more interesting and recognizable.. what do you think?

Also I'm struggling with the Font Type
Currently I'm using Microgramma which was modified a bit in the top left logo version

c&c appreciated

thx, mike

Edit: somehow the html code doesn't work properly.. anyway here's the link:

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I guess the biggest concern I would have on your behalf is in the mark. In the 50's "squares" (brainiacs, nerds, mamma's boys) were called "L-7s", and your mark distinctively looks more like an "L-7" than a "b-7". This might not have been such a big deal, but this "L-7" identity had somewhat of a revival in the 90's, as an abbreviated version "L" (Loser) was popularized to the masses by Smashmouth's #1 single. The mark is achieved by pointing up and extending the thumb outward to create the "L" shape, similar to how the youth of the 50's created an "L" with one hand and a "7" with the other to form a square. I guess my point is that I think too many people still recognize what "L-7" represents.

Aesthetically, it does make a nice shape

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What is the nature of your business? It looks like golf clubs to me. I am also trying to understand the significance of the word "Bloob" or is that your last name?
Forgive me, I am old and not hip. I trust your business is aimed at a younger audience.


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Designing a logo for yourself is the hardest thing o do. Ask yourself what is more useful, a logo or a wordmark. I don't see what bloobseven is. I hate seeing a logo that needs a written explaination below it. I think the Micheal Nagy Design is the best path to explore

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Designing a logo for yourself is the hardest thing o do. Ask yourself what is more useful, a logo or a wordmark. I don't see what bloobseven is. I hate seeing a logo that needs a written explaination below it. I think the Micheal Nagy Design is the best path to explore

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hi! thx for your replies!

well bloob7 doesn't necessarily mean anything.. It just popped into my head and I liked it, cause I think it's quite unusual and therefore pretty catchy

Bloobseven is my online portfolio , which is currently offline though, where I showcase my work such as CI,websites etc.

I didn't go into the direction of calling it Michael Nagy Design on purpose, cause personally I think it sounds too serious

@Mark: Personally I'd prefer a logo rather than a wordmark but in this case I think that the wordmark doesn't necessarily fit the logo

@ Scott: I can see your concern but as far as I know the L7 stuff started in America and since I live in Europe, the concern shrinks a bit.

Keep the comments and ideas coming please.. I'll then try to rework it

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I agree with Scott, although I was not aware of the historical significance of L7. But that is what your logo looks like. A simple solution may be to fill up the negative space between the two characters with the bowl of the b. However that may throw off the balance and look cartoonish.

Would you please post a link to your page, it will help the forum give a more informed critique. I tried but got some kind of on-line coupons site, so the name is not so unique. Also tried bloob7 which linked back to bloobseven and was unsucessful searching on Google as well.

look back at other critiques "Klim", "TY (self identity)" and "Munoz" are especially good. I'd send you to mine but I haven't developed a sucessful solution yet.

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Try a few other fonts like Infinity ExtraBold from Thirstype:
Infinity isn't over-used like Microgamma and Eurostyle.

I think if you used "creative" or "design" with bloobseven it would work better. There is nothing wrong with using a name that has no real meaning, but I would put a word that does have meaning with it. Try placing it under bloobseven small with about 1000 points of tracking:

Also experiment with possibly having rounded corners on your card. That would fit your design.

On the back of the card I would use a different font than what your logo is done with and separate your name from the icon.

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@Kirsten :

I do agree that it looks a lot like L7 but I liked the shape and the fact that those two letters form a kind of circle.

I'll try to work something out to make it look more like a b without losing the current felling and look of the logo though.

The reason for and redirecting to a coupon/ad site is that I took my page offline last august and didn't pay the extension for the domain.. so some cheeky bloke simply nicked it.

Anyway, if you want to see a few pieces of my artwork go to

the first pic is a screenshot of bloobseven v1 which was online from 01.01.01 until august 02

the second pic is a screenshot of v2 which was online until august 03

@ Tom:

I actually don't intend to buy a font for my logo simply cause I don't want to afford it atm.

Forget the cards, they're just temporary.. I just wanted to show you something where the logo could be placed

btw. I like Bloob Creative.. do you think I should get rid of the 7?

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I like bloob7 creative.

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hey! I've found some time to work a bit on the CI..
what do you think? any comments?
the font and type treatment is just temporary so ignore that plz..

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now you need to find a font that fits the icon.

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yep.. you say it tom.. got any ideas?
do you agree that the straight looking logo looks better than the one with perspective?

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I like the perspective version. I would beef it up some so it can look like a bloob :-) I am sorry for not suggesting any specific fonts for it. I will have to do research but don't do all caps. Also dont allign the creative so perfectly under it.

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IMHO, 'bloob' is just way too gimmicky. It's like those 'ploids' or 'Flooz' and other childish made-up names during the height of the dot-com bubble.

There's also the childish humour of 'boob' that I can't help snickering at. ;o)

And to add to scott's wonderful history of silly pop culture, L7 was also 90's era band:

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bloobseven id

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In small sizes Creative is unreadable. Most CI has ranges that you can use colors and even spacing. Sort of "If less than 1" tall then

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I still feel you should explore upper and lower case together and bolden it. Make creative the same color as seven (as well as the lighter part of the icon). Also try moving the icon 3/4 of the way to the left of the title above it just to see how that looks.

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thanks a lot for your comments so far
I've now tried a few variations as far as type treatment is regarded


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Is this an eye chart test? in small sizes Creative is unreadable. Why space creative the whole length of the name? Try just having it the length of Seven and get rid of the silly letter spacing. Take your b7 and flush it left the width of Bloob. Just suggestions, but the legibility is a problem in small sizes.

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