Actual licensed Underware fonts in Webfonts test page

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Ian Lyman and Craig Mod have ginned up a Webfonts test page that uses genu-wine fonts from Underware. But very special fonts they are: “All of the type on this page was kindly licensed by Underware for specific use in this @font-face demo, as commissioned by the Mozilla foundation. With Underware's approval, we created glyph-limited editions of some of their typefaces for this one-time use only.” One-offs seem to be inimical to the entire concept of Webfonts, but we’re still at the demonstration-project stage, so I’m not all that surprised.

But! What’s the kicker? Everybody’s favourite curmudgeon Mark Pilgrim, he of “Fornicate the foundries” fame, derides the project thus (via Delicious): “[Hundreds] of open-source fonts, and they go out of their way to license proprietary alternatives.” Because typography, like information, wants to be free!

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Another good move from the Mozafia.

Web designers want to use commerical fonts, and despite the fact that the custom one-off solution won't scale, this move reinforces that fact.

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"despite the fact that the custom one-off solution won’t scale"

What do you mean? (Seriously)
And is there any relationship between the Mozafia and the Applezon cartel? (Goofingly)

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Spelling, plz.

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This is a perfectly good example of a limited knowledge individual who can write html, and another one who can read it and yet a third who can bring it to our attention. Nothing whatsoever is new about any of this.


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