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The new book honoring Hermann and Gudrun Zapf is
wonderful. (sidenote: And it supports my theory of
husband and wife being lovers of the shapes of letters.)
Anyway, as some of the people on this list know me
from school I thought it would be fun to admit that as I
was looking at the samples of Optima within the book I
found myself actually liking the face. What happened to
it when it became digital? The samples in the book are
much less harsh and the contrast between thick and thin
is less obvious. I'm assuming that Hermann was involved
with the digitization, is this incorrect?

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The digital age discounts the relevance of *lack* of definition. Science unfortunately lends itself to naïveté, but the fact that humans "fill in" missing information in a uniquely rewarding way is no magic.

Practical consequence of this?
I believe that if loosen the laser's focus on a imagesetter by just a smidgen, readability will increase.


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