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im trying to do a quick logo for a housing company that builds green. the company already has a good presence in the market, and are trademarking the term Smart Living Systems--however, this wording isn't protected (as everyone uses smart, and living, UNLESS there be some kind of logo involved. so the company needs a quick little guy to throw on brochures, online, things like that. (i say quick because only one line of their houses, which represents a small percentage of what they offer, would be using this.)

They want the acronym SLS in there, as well as the whole phrase. I'm trying to show a little bit of what they do as far as energy saving, renewable resources, and water savings. here are a few versions.

The first one's top right represents air--because the houses offer great air quality (but we do not do wind power so it may confuse the customer--i'll probably omit that feature).

The second two are the same with the exception of small details on the water spout itself.

Any thoughts on what would help tidy it up a little?

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The font chosen for SLS seems old fashioned and clunky for a green builder, but that may just be me. The black plug on the green S is a little jarring perhaps a gray or a brown? The black is over powering the rest of the palette. Tighten the space between the first S and the L. The details on the water spout are too subtle and will be lost at smaller sizes.

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Kirsten, it's not just you. It does look old fashioned and chunky. It's communicating to me that this Smart Living experience is going to be some heavy burden.

Evan, I think you need to think about benefits rather than features when you are approaching this expression of the brand. I would want my living system to be hassle free and making my experience at home better. With that, I would be looking at something elegant, friendly, and soft to communicate that. Possibly a lighter serif that still holds it's ground or a geometric sans.

Right now, you're simply attaching objects to letterforms in a way that is trying to list off features and tell the customer what you do. Which can be ok, but I really think talking about how I'm going to feel by using your services is going to be a stronger approach. Plus, you need to integrate the elements in a much cleaner way than simply attaching objects to letterforms. Otherwise, you're going to lose you're viewer and completely confuse them.

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i was worried it felt old fashioned. maybe i can shy away from something so typographic. (GASP). i will post more whenever they come to me

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yeah... the current balance of illustrative style and formal typography isn't really working at this point.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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Too much going on.

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Less typographic isn't necessarily the answer.

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haha--i was joking guys. i have something typographic for you to critique. how bout this direction?

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It's an interesting step in possibly the right direction. There are still too many elements though. You need to be able to read it faster.

Also, in that type of a treatment, you should give it more leading. Right now it looks like too heavy of a block and hurts legibility.

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a bit too much happening. a logo should be clear, concise, and to the point.
maybe use the elements as a separate mark?
i hope that helps.


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"The L for the nose" concept is pretty much taken by LG .. I mean .. it may not look like LG's logo, but it has this one element that points straight at it. Perhaps it was suitable if the company was related to LG (like a distributor or an authorized "solution provider"), but for an unaffiliated company I don't think this logo is a good fit.

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Second idea seems far better than the first, but I'll have to echo the comments about it being too busy (looks like 2 concepts in one at the moment). The 'eyes' kind of remind me of dollar signs from old cartoons whenever a character was tempted by money, not sure thats something you'll want to communicate.

I do think it has potential. I would make the smile symmetrical (ie like a bracket on its side) and have it directly below the SLS. Then i would have the words below that, also centered. Perhaps horizontally flip the second S? Not sure. Again might not work but it's ideas, already used ones nonetheless.

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The smile solution is better than the first you posted, though, as WhiteRoses said, it does really look like a -hungry for money- face and that is something you might want to avoid.

While looking at it, I thought about a "posh" monogram you could obtain by changing the font (to some nice serif) and reflecting the second S along a vertical axis, whose intersection with the other S creates a sort of heart.
This is not new, not original, but it might help you to explore other directions.
What I'm trying to say is - what the target of this company?
I don't know what is its position in the market and what kind of target it addresses its services to, but in my honest opinion (or at least in Italy:), people who think about buying ''green'' houses, are usually more cultivated and/or upperclass than the average house-buyers.
Would they be attracted by a "chunky" font or a cheesy smile?

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thankyou for the comments everyone. i ought to offer you more about what the SLS does and who it convers.

The company has their own logo and rather diverse, eclectic brand. They build homes that are classic, contemporary, sophisticated, modern, green, and even log homes--pretty much the whole range, from plush ranch style/conservative to the opposite of the spectrum.

For those buyers that are looking for something a little technological and up-to-date, comes the SLS--which is a box in the house that controls everything the house does in terms of the amounts of water running to certain features, the heating and air conditioning, lights, etc. It gives the house the ability to communicate with us via the cell phone, so you can make changes to what you're house is doing while away, and it'll even tell you if a pipe springs a leak so you can get back home and fix it.

this option can be added to any line of the houses the company offers, but it is probably going to be implemented by those home buyers who are younger, more comfortable with technology (and cell-phones), and quite likely those who see a benefit to living lifestyles that are more sustainable.

if we take that last group as our target audience, then I'ld like the logo to feel techie, yet a little playful, so as not to be completely off putting. i think the fact that the house is in communication with us at all times, gives the house an almost humane characteristic, and lends itself to an anthropomorphic type of logo.

it seems playful to me already, and i will try variations in the mark as suggested. among any other considerations to be offered, and appreciated, perhaps some font suggestions as to what would feel up to date without feeling sterile. (my initial thought, stemming from a previous post, is gotham.)

thank you

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@andreaC--i do like the idea, i just don't think monogram will work for the yes these people will have some money to spend but "elegant" is not their style.

@whiteroses--i've tried for more symmetry.

these new versions are different from each other in terms of the angles on the bracket of the L and on those of the smile. i've also shown the type in bold or medium weights.

@the other ppl--it seems to me that S's always have this problem, of being confused with dollar signs. What would help save the mark? A little contrast in the letterform?

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There are still way too many elements. The SLS isn't doing much for you. I would see what you can do after eliminating that element and keeping the smile. The rest of it isn't communicating anything more.

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@paulstonier-- ok, i'll post some for you sometime in the future.

in the meantime, here were more that i had generated

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Not sure the mark goes well with the name...too playful imo.

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Subjectively - S for the eyes is not working. Too quirky or too playful depending on how you look at the logo.

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This is a big jump forward. With some tweaking, this could be really nice, but keep generating other concepts too.

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Will do--I have a much more techy solution that will take me a bit further to develop and post.

Posting more of this playful version: the sun version I rationalize as sun=light=intelligence...

I fixed the eyes up a bit to stray from so exacting of a letterform (they were looking somewhat angry).

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Nobody laugh... Here's a very rough quick sketch I did to kind of illustrate what I think you could do with the face idea. I think if you're going with the face, it needs to be casual and 'unrobotic'. I disagree that the face isn't serious enough, I really think that this is an opportunity to turn the 'high tech' into something friendly, particularly as this is really to do with the environment and lifestyle choices. The 's' almost look like glasses in this mock up, something you could play with as (not to be stereotypical) glasses kind of say 'smart'.

Just a bit of inspiration, sorry to post ideas as I know it's slightly frowned upon. And obviously this looks pretty rubbish right now...

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that's ok white roses--were a tight knit bunch, sometimes we can't help but help.

sorry this thread is growing infinitely long, but--

the sun wont be a final version b/c it confuses the issue as far as green homes (and this system can go in any old, coal-burnin, 90-degrees-in-winter-even-tho-it-all-leaks-out-the-open-window type of home. I haven't yet posted my super-techie concept, because it was never well received and was not instructed to work further on it.

they are liking the direction of the face. but i agree, it's too robotic, and reminds me of Legos. Maybe I do need to be more playful with the SLS, and avoid any enclosing border. Anyways I'm having trouble finding that balance, and was given ASAP as a deadline--meaning, they're wanting to cut corners. I've already taken 2 days, GASP.

I may have to just go ahead and submit something to them, but I'll keep you guys posted as to what finally happens.

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This is what we're rolling with. There are still little things I might tweak if I get the time, like a small amount of contrast to the vertical stroke of the L--but I got to move on! Thanks everyone for comments, as always. This is much better than what I started with.

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Well at least it's a hell of a lot better than what you started with.

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