1950s inspired script ID request/suggestions please

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I'm after the name of the font used in the Masterfile logotype. I want to use it (or something similar) to create a street number for our 50s house. We'll probably get it made out of metal, so the chunky weight is quite nice in that respect.

All assistance and any other similar suggestions are most welcome.


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It's a custom lettering job by Underware. Coptek is similar, but lighter. Maybe you'll find some figures you can use in these lists of brush scripts and brush sans serifs. Loupot would make some great address numbers.

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Thanks for your reply Stephen.

Sorry, I should have pointed out that we'll be spelling out our number: Sixty-five.

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Cool. Loupot's still great for that!

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I'd prefer something a little less angular.

Somewhere in between Freehand 521 and Loupot would be ideal.

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Yes, Kinescope is probably the best bet from that list. I've come across that one before and while I do really like it, it's not quite right. The trouble is, now I've seen it, the Masterfile logotype is just perfect!

I've contacted Underware to explain my predicament, haha. Nothing will probably come of that, but there's no harm in trying.

Thanks again for your help.

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What about the brand-spankin'-new Theorem from Sudtipos?

- Lex

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That's not too bad.

I got an email response from Akiem at Underware, and he's prepared to see what they can do in a month or so when all three are back on deck (the others are on holidays).

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