Clarendon and dance

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Hey, I've been a fan Typophile for year and wanted to share a recent project. We used Clarendon to visualize the dynamics of a Merce Cunningham dance, importing the 3d motion-capture, and linking it to written descriptions of the work.

Ascenders & Descenders is a typographic reinterpretation of Merce Cunningham's dancing hands as recorded by OpenEnded Group for the Loops project. The piece cannot exist without the feeble words that huff and puff to make sense of Merce's work. It is, in a sense, a Cunningham dance work reconstructed from textual deconstructions of other Cunningham dance works. Each finger has an associated excerpt from an article, review, or essay on Cunningham from the last five decades. These texts become the ink with which each finger manifests its movements. Each text is dynamically typeset in three dimensional space along the curves traced by his fingertips.

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That kicks a55. Thank you, John.

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