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This is a nearly pro bono project for a non-profit.

The property is called "Voices of Lower Manhattan" and should have pretty broad appeal for people who live, work and recreate in Lower Manhattan.

There's neither time nor budget to fully develop a logotype so I'm posting the thing I've been literally throwing together. (Yeah, yeah, sob story. I know we've all been there.)

volume type

What do you think?

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Well. This may be strange, or rather seem strange, but I like 'c' without the altered 'e'. The 'Lu" lig is reading as a window to a home for me. But, it could be the Dr. Pepper talking too.


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C isn't bad, given the acronym you're trying to emphasize.

In my (very) humble opinion, the negative space of the e is a little cramped. You might shorten the tail of the e to compensate, or else make the u a touch narrower to "match" it. The latter has the additional advantage of making the L's base a little shorter.

Keep in mind that logos are my specialty; typography is still somewhat new to me.


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That's not to say, however, that I don't appreciate option A

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The thing you wrote about "standing out" the V,O,L and M, doesn't work in option C, but it does in option B. And I think it would work better if you put an "uc M", allthough you will loose the visual game you make in option A, but I think it would be worth it. Besides in option A, the "M" doesn't stand up at the level of VOL.

I hope I expressed correctly.


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I don't like the way the lines look, but I understand their function, so maybe put an oversore on the "o", to mark its "lowercase" status? Dunno.

BTW, you forgot San Jose's infamous SOFA: South of First Avenue. It makes DUMBO seem like Nirvana.


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I agree M should be UC...

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Hola, Joseph
I am agree with the "A" for been the better design
and i just wanna make one ligature with all the letters, try to make it on ilustrator or so, with the font, on lowercase if you like one. Vote if you want to choose some idea.. pixel time :-)

Miguel.volumen new choises

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My opinion is if you want to make more natural the idea of ligature, you have to follow the calligraphic way (script) for a better and fluid reading of the letters.

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Miguel, I like the idea of scripts, but scripts AND ligatures dont help readability in my humble opinion. Perhaps its my tired jaded eyes, but I am reading the above examples as:

1: volure
2: voure
3: vokre
4: volure

As for meneer pemberton, it has to be option A, surely? :-)

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"They want the V, O, L and M to stand out"
It actually seems like the U and E stand out more than the other letters. What about playing with weight and color instead of case.
Also, the ligature, the extra wide characters and the magenta make it look a little more like a fashion company logo than one for a non-profit.

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Well, my last idea was a smart as a le[a]d zeppelin. So I figure I can't get much worse.


My new idea might be worse. ROFL

What if you stacked the letters somehow? I noticed that stacking them 2-by-3 the letters VLM are lead-ins. Also, if you stack them 3-by-2 you get a nice assymetry thing happening (or hyper symmetry).

Lastly, how about playing with scale? As in turn up the volume?? I know this isn't really what you are going for, but it is an idea.

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Sweet. Always nice to smell the ink, so to speak.

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A is my choice. though the m looks a bit wider to me.

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yeah... A is the good one.. and the L is too wide too i guess.. maybe a little cut in the leg will help..

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Here's how to make D a reality:
Don't show them options B and C.

A looks great.

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Aye. Except for they've already seen B and love it. (They just haven't seen C).

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Alejandro, I understand the sentiment and I agree.
Perhaps I should've been more clear.

The full name is "Voices of Lower Manhattan." They
want the V, O, L and M to stand out -- as in SOHO
(South of Houston) or TriBeCa (TRIangle BElow CAnal)
or DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass).
So, yes, it is gimmicky. Their concern is that the
connection should be obvious.

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Thanks for the feedback everybody. I'll post the final when it's done.

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Very interesting... The UC M is better. Although I'm still going to pitch A one last time. More thoughts?

volume 2

(Jared, uploading images to these forums is like butter.)

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I can't believe you're still spending time on this...


Forget trying to be acronymically correct, when all is
said and done, the mark will stand on its own and
needs to be the best mark it can be. Options C
and D weaken the logo.

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Oh... I forgot about the client.

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Yeah, it's interesting. It's a basic gestalt issue. Because
two of six characters are treated differently, the two are
going to stand out more than the ones I'm trying to

I tried some of what you're (Graham) showing. By
introducing the bars under the u and e I was trying to
make the overall color more even. I supposed it's a
toss-up as to which are more successful (underlines vs.
color vs. weight change). All the approaches seem a
tad awkward. A good sign that the idea itself is flawed?

Also, I'm glad you see this as more of a fashion thing
than a non-profit thing. It's intentional. Volume isn't the
non-profit itself, that's just the name of the "program"
they're developing. It's aim is to promote and preserve
lower Manhattan lifestyle to the general public, not to
other organizations or businesses.

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Haha! The client called the new one (A, above) 'more
subtle,' and 'on message' enough to 'compensate for
the reduced connection to the title words.'


Thanks for your input everybody. You helped me craft
the ammunition I needed. (And, ahem, I hope you don't
mind if I referred to you indirectly as my colleagues. =)

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You can call me your "colleague" if I can have this client when
you're done with them. They chose wisely. Rare.

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well, obviously A looks better but the um ligature shows better the m than the u. Maybe you should work a little more on it to make the client happy.
Anyway opcion c has a question for me, why you choose 2 of the 3 vocals to play? Man, just make the gag in 1 (u, maybe with lu ligature) or make it in the o too. 0, 1 or 3 but never 2. It is not much justified. Sorry about the bad english.

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