Stroke Technique Around Letterforms

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Does anybody know what this thin half-stroke around the outside of these letters is called? Is there a term for referring to it? I see this treatment compiled in a lot of work that you might consider vintage/classic. I wanted to know if creating this effect is easy or something the designer would customize themselves (drawing each stroke)? I know of a similar technique but it doesn't render the same way as the specimens i see on aged labels, etc. I'm perfectly fine with treating the type letter by letter but, if there's another way, I'd like to learn.


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I call it Line Shadow. I don't know what others call it. And drawing them with hands is the best way to do it.

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Satya's right, but in many cases, some careful duplication will do the trick. Yves outlines it nicely in this tutorial.

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Maybe John Downer or Charles Borges could elaborate, but I think it's a common shading technique for signpainters. It goes way back and you'd likely see lots of samples in old showcard lettering books.

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