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Can you read this clearly or is it too abstract?

How is the concept working?

Idea's on the ORK?

This is a fun project. There is no client. Just playing around.


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i can read it, but not too clearly. the H could be a double T...
and the RK is a little hard to read.
overall, i think it looks 'off' because it slants further and further down, till it about falls off my screen. it starts out straight, and then just degrades.

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I read, "Pit ttFortz". My confusion is caused by the following:

1 The "c" curling up, rather than down makes it seem like a swashy arm to the "tt".

2 Because of the LC/UC type, the "H" reads as "tt", or because of its positioning it reads as an UC "H" starting another word.

3 The "r-k" reads as "rtz", especially as the positioning relates to the dropping "tt" in Pitch.

I imagine the rightbound degradation of the letters that Loren referred to can be dealt with if there are any graphics to be associated with the type.

PS: Thanks for the assistance on my So Cal Waves logo.

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Thanks for the input!

Loren: Yeah, I guess I'll try aligning the PITCH on one baseline, and the FORK on the other. That H really is in limbo. I'll simplify it too.

Scott: No problem, I hope I have been helpful to you. Your input is certainly helpful. The RTZ I will have to rework. I'll post again soon.

Thanks guys.


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Here is a rework based on your suggestions.


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It looks a little like PitchFerk, and Im somewhat distracted by the Capital H . I love the k though.

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Yer right Hugh. I'm in between stages of development. I'll post a rework later.


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