Need a font where A and I look good together

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Im having a really hard time finding a font that looks good for a logo type the company name is A&I <- that is a capital "i". Its an industrial company. I was in the Lubalin or Rockwell range but it still not right and not really interesting enough for a logotype.

I am NOT a font geek so don't be too harsh on the lubalin :)

the letters must be in CAPS so I can really only use serif typefaces otherwise the i looks like an l.

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Consider using two different fonts for the A and the I. You could use an I with prominent serifs (e.g., Clarendon or Bodoni) and a contrasting font (a sans serif?) for the A. Or maybe you could use an A with vertical rather than slanted sides, to mirror the I?
Also, is the ampersand going to be part of the logo? If so, it will be the busiest of the three characters, so choose an ampersand that doesn't upstage the A and the I. Or see if you can use a plus sign.

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Would a slab like this work?

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What kind of A shall it be … ?

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