Build composite diacritic characters in an Multiple Master .VFB

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Hi there
I was stopped in my track when I tried to use Ben Kiel's 'Accent Tools' script to build my diacritics characters in a Multiple Master font. I guess his script uses RoboFab to do the copying of the base glyphs and diacritics, and thus only does it for one weight (Wt0) – confusing the heck out of Fontlab. At least that is how it looked to me. So is there another method (script?) that will honour my anchors AND both weights (Wt0 and Wt1)?

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I have a list of accented glyphs in a text file and I use Generate Glyphs in FontLab. Glyphs>Generate Glyphs. Works like a charm.

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Thanks James. Worked just fine. Though it took quite some time to create the list, a script would have been more flexible in regards to component placement, but hey it was only dozen or so places I had to correct, and I have the list now.

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I do the same as James because I find that no matter what script I use there’s always stuff that doesn’t work for some reason.

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