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hi everyone,
i need a little help with this..
a photographer friend ordered me a logo and the only restriction was to use an "A" from his nickname "Aero" but is a bit difficult
keep shapes from this "A" and apply to the entire logotype. here some photos.
i think i need more stylization of the shapes.
what do you think?


the original "A"

possible solutions

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Since Original A is tilted downright, I'd try writing all text at 30 degrees downwards. But the second try with your stylised letters is better than the first one.

And make sure you distort the perfect round bullet inside A.
Robert Koritnik

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I like the last one you posted, especially since the dot in the "O" is repeated / reflected in the dot of the "A". The one right above it doesn't seem to be cohesive.

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Your sketches are more powerful and expressive than your digital version of the logo.
None of the two convey the idea of wind ("aero" in greek, but I think you knew that) while the last sketch was quite streamlined.
Try to keep the swoosh of the R, but give it square edges.
Also pay attention to the thickness of the lines; in the first version the top line of the E and the last one are too different :)

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