what is the TinkerBell font?

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Please, I need to know what is the font of Tinker Bell logo.


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To me this seems most likely to be hand-drawn. The way the letters are fit together, and the way the double-l is drawn makes this unlikely to be a font, in my opinion.

Some of the lettering artists at Letterhead fonts, like John Studden, could have done work like this, as I'm sure many other lettering artists could have done as well.

It's a difficult style to categorize, and that makes it even harder to search for. I looked at the Letterhead Fonts, Sudtipos and Rob Leuschke's work and found no matches. Maybe someone else has some ideas?

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you for your response. I have a daughter who's name is Thais and for her birthday that is going to be of tinkerbell I wanted to make the invitations and write her name using the T of Tinkerbell.

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In that case, check out Graham Meade's A Charming Font Extended. Be sure to click on the "6 weights of Charming" rather than the image in order to get the Extended font.

Happy birthday Thais!

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Glad to help, Susan.

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