Big, Bold, Kid Friendly Font

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Hey guys -

I'm looking for a nice, big, bold kid friendly font that's got something interesting about. Something far more elegant and intriguing than say a Comic Sans or a fake Superman/Indiana Jones PC font.

If I could give you some samples - I would :p Basicaly I'm working on a logo & website for company that sells trampolines and want to specifically appear more kid and family friendly.

Any help would be super appreciated!

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Look at some of Jim Parkinson's designs:
Showcard Gothic for example.

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How about something big, bold, fun and custom handlettered?
Might just stand out more than a font, especially in this context.

Edit: I'm talking about the logo more than the entire website. :-)

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Good suggestion, but the client made the logo himself and said the only real modifications he's willing to allow is the changing of the font to the same font I use on the site.

He chose to use Bodoni for all of his type, which doesn't fit with a kid-friendly concept :p

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Not even close to Bodoni, but what about House Industries' new release of Neutraface Slab?

I just picked it up, and it's very nice... using it in a TV logo that's kinda kid-related.

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The Neutraface EULA states:
"A special license is required to use the House Font Software in logo design"...


Read item 6.

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MVB Grenadine, or sticking with the Bodoni vibe: Spumoni.

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Thanks, Nina. Fixed. I should stop pretending I can type fast.

More playful bold fonts.

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Hey guys, thanks for the links. Stephen, that last link was a *HUGE* help!

And I'm a little astonished by the House logo thing. Not that I've used House fonts for logos, but that's sort of amazingly shocking.

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Perhaps their strategy is to charge very large corporations extra for using their type in a design that will be reproduced over and over again around the country and globe. If you want to use the fonts for something small-fry, send 'em a mail. I bet the price is minimal.

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I was going to suggest House Industries Burbank, but again that'd run afoul of their retarded EULA.

In fact, a by-the-word reading of their EULA would mean that I couldn't convert to paths on a block of text that gets used by a client of mine using any House Industries font, because that's selling (or giving) it to them. Maybe someone with a stronger education in the EULA process could shed some light on what they are trying to restrict here.

Sean Glenn
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FS Me (in bold?)

There's always Chank:


Brubeck's Cube
Chauncy Pro

It's hard for me to place "elegant", "intriguing", "kid", and "trampoline."

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